Mary J. Brown

Principal Consultant,

Future Strategist & Creative Prospector


For the past 12 years, future strategist and creative prospector Mary J. Brown of leeAlexander Consulting, llc has conducted training and consulting for business, non-profits, educational and blended sectors. Using creative and design thinking methods she assists your company's leadership and employees in applying future-oriented thinking to your present day challenges.

About Mary...

  • 12+ years of globally informed experience
  • A passion for helping you to develop ideas that connect people and create change
  • She helps you and your organization identify, prospect, develop and nurture talent
  • Experience in business, non-profits, educational institutions and blended sectors
  • Adept in both individual and group coaching formats
  • Seasoned trainer and facilitator




  • Member of Design Management Institute (DMI)

  • World Future Society (WFS)


Ideas to Explore... Connect with...and Create Change.




leeAlexander Consulting works within a network partnership in the business development and consulting industry: for business development needs (Europe- Denmark  and U.S.  strategic partnerships)



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