Here's the Buzz(words).

Change Management - structured process to help organizations transition from current reality to desired future reality.

Co-creation - deliberate design of interactions across boundaries (within and outside the organization) to create value; users become a part of the design process and are given appropriate tools/media to express themselves.

Creative Prospector - helps leadership to explore the "whitespace" within the organization for creativity and areas of innovation.

Cultural Competency - an ability to interact effectively with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds; incorporates personal and organizational knowledge, interpersonal skills, and behaviors that enable individuals as well as organizations to work with different cultures and backgrounds.

Design Management - strategically applied principles of design thinking and innovations used to capture talent and resources both inside and outside of the organization to create new products, services, or environments that enhance the user experience.

Experience Designer - focuses on quality of user experience and the use of culturally relevant solutions in the design of products, processes, services, events, and environments.

Future Strategist - one who actively views the present as a window into future outcomes and helps organizations plan and design for change.

Learning and Talent Development - deliberate strategies to create formal and informal professional development opportunities.

Serivce Designer - user oriented concepts and strategies that are designed to make service work better for an organization and their clients.

White Spaces - areas of unexploited opportunities within an organization or society as a whole.


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